I am a bachelor student in Computer Science and Technology at Nanjing University of Science and Technology, interset in cpmputer algorithm.Previously, I was at the Jinling High School.

The thing I am doing most in my off-hour is ACM/ICPC contest.I wish I could get a Gold medal before I am retired,so I must devote all my spare time in it in the coming year.If I found I couldn't realize the dream after the regional in my junior.I will retire immediately.

So,in the next winter holiday,I must do a lot of exercises about algorithm.This is detail:

I have 30 days.I believe I could finish 10 problems in one day if Idevote all my time in it.So I must finish 200 problems in the holiday,I have solved 211 problems in poj,and I wish I will havesolved 400 problems so as to get into the top 15 in the rank of my school after the winter holiday!

The company commander of in military training said:"Low-key person & high-profile work".Haha,I know ltj_njust will see this,so if I hadn't finished doing this ,I will invite you have a big dinner when the new term begins.

Learn an algorithm every and then finish the problems about it in poj.Just be simple!

For the CET-6 is coming tomorrow,I write this passage in English,but i found it none of use ...