This is the second day of this winter holiday.

I know I must do a lot in this winter holiday ,so I go back to school ,in the training room, I would have a better efficency!




00:00 regist the codeforce #52 , but it is a long time since last coding, so I am in very bad condition.Firstly,i didn't read the problem correctly, wa 3 times, I got the ac 30 minutes after the match started.I passed the pretest of problem B at 50mins, but it failed the final test after the contest.It was because when debuging,I found a small mistake and corrected it,but this sentence appeared two times,I didn't correct the other one,so....

Then ,I spent the last 1 hour in problem E,but there is something wrong with my IDE(both netbeans and Eev),I can't debug the long codes,then the contest ended...

1.尽快恢复状态 2.提升代码习惯 3.重整系统


2)I went back to school in the afternoon,then I found some problems on poj ,1579 is a simple problem,you could finish by both recursion and dp,but 注意题目的优先计算顺序。先是考虑是否会小于0,然后才考虑是否会大于20,要不然就会WA。(害得我wa了一下午,555)