This is wiki about page, I will write down the edit log here.

Upgrade Media from v1.20 to v1.26 (Fix no content error)

  • BUG: No content in page, but has content in edit page:bug detail
  • From this Page , I found it’s unable to downgrade PCRE on Azure, the only way is to upgrade mediawiki
  • Upgrate steps:
    1. Add to Git by azure web page in case rollback needed
    2. Clone to local, download v1.26 and merge files
    3. Run update.php for datebase upgrade from azure debug console page:
    4. cd to site\wwwroot, run “php maintenance/update.php “
    5. Update LocalSetting.php file from the Official Upgrate Guide
    6. Open site version page to check if all extension works well:

Add Google Analytic

  • edit $wgLogo to “favicon.ico” in LocalSettings.php in FTP folder

2015-01-31 Add Mobile Support [Faled]

  • Find mobile extension MobileFrontend Official site , Chinese Introduction
  • MobileFronted need Mediawiki 1.24 at least, I am 1.20.3 now, Azure is 1.23 now
  • “This version of MobileFrontend requires MediaWiki 1.24, you have 1.20.3. You can download a more appropriate version from”

2014-3-22 Add Markdown support

  • find markdown extensions MarkdownSyntax in official extension page
  • install the extension successfully with the wiki page and ftp login, remember the ftp user name is domain\user


2014-1-1 hello world

  • hello world
  • install mediawiki v1.2 in Azure
    • add domain in azure management panel
  • edit LocalSettings.php in wwwroot folder
    • change $wgServer to “”; ,so that links on wiki page will direct to, rather than

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